Free Casino Money Casino Articles Will Get Lucky's new loyalty scheme be a game changer in the UK casino market?

Will Get Lucky's new loyalty scheme be a game changer in the UK casino market?

Have you discovered the Get Lucky online casino yet? It’s worth checking out, but maybe not for the reason that you’d imagine.

Normally when a new operator comes into the market - as Get Lucky have just done in the UK - they make a big splash without really offering very much that isn’t already out there. This time, though, things are different. Get Lucky’s UK launch looks like a welcome break from the familiar routine.

There are two parts to the story, one of which is eye-catching and the other which may not have the same instant appeal but which, for all that, has the makings of a real game changer. Let’s start with the eye-catching stuff and build a little suspense before we get to the pay off.

Giant payouts

In the short term the attention grabbing thing that Get Lucky bring to the party are some genuinely huge jackpots. Games like Mega Moolah, Gladiator, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune - all of which will be available from day one - all offer jackpot pay outs running to more than a million pounds. Those are serious pay outs! In fact, the Mega Moolah jackpot is currently somewhere in excess of £5million. It’s weird to think that just one spin on a slot could change your life so spectacularly, but it is going to happen to someone. Wow!

A real reward for loyalty

For the rest of us - or at least in the meantime - Get Lucky’s new twist on a loyalty scheme looks like being the real game changer - and not just in the UK. Ordinarily loyalty schemes are the sort of gimmick that players can take or leave. Many players don’t pay them any attention at all.

And the reason they are so easy to ignore is that they don’t really offer anything like as much value as they promise. Sometimes a few free spins or a bonus bank might tempt players in, but as often as not there are complicating riders that mean players have to play the games that the providers want, when the providers want rather than the ones they’d choose for themselves.

What is so different about the Get Lucky package is that it promises to reward player loyalty in plain, hard, uncomplicated cash - no riders, not gimmicks, not pre-pay commitments, just a means to genuinely cash in on the value that being a loyal user generates.

Simple suits everyone

It is no secret that regular visitors are good news for online casinos. All businesses welcome repeat clients, and online casinos are no different. But instead of the sort of sneaky marketing that Tesco smart cards and the like employ - taking as much information from shoppers as they give back in discounts - the Get Lucky scheme is a straightforward way to share in the sort of business benefits that loyalty provides.

The idea is so straightforward, so simple and so obviously appealing that it would be a major surprise if the competition do not quickly follow Get Lucky’s lead. After all, if you could be guaranteed to be able to draw down cash from Get Lucky whenever it had built up, why would you play anywhere else?

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