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Slots Strategy

Just as with any casino game of chance there is no foolproof strategy for increasing your odds when playing slots. You will see people or programs that will tell you that they have found a proven strategy for slots, but you should ignore such advice as it will not gain you any advantage. Slots is a game that is both arbitrary and random. The slots machines do not have any memory and there is no strategy that you can use to outsmart the game. But what you can do is follow a few tips that can help maximize your odds of winning, which will increase your chances to walk away from the slots machines that with more money than when you sat down.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to increase your chances when playing slots.

  • When you are looking for a slots game to play try to find one that has the highest payout possible. A slots game that has a payout percentage of over 95% is a good one to sit down at.
  • Much like other games or the roulette game in the casino it is important that you know both the odds and the probabilities of the slots machine that you are playing at. Be sure that you are aware of the payout schedule before you start to play the game.
  • Before you sit down to play determine what your losing limit will be and do not exceed it. Once you have reached your pre-determined limit walk away.
  • If you are playing at a slots machine that is not paying out stand up and go to another machine. Do not keep playing the game and spending all of your casino money thinking that you are due. This is a main reason that people lose a lot of money when they are playing slots.
  • If you have a decent bankroll you can play the maximum amount in order to get the maximum payout.
  • Just like with any other casino game when you are on a hot streak bet more. Conversely when you are on a cold streak either bet less or find another slots game.
  • You have to remember that the total overall amount of the credit bet does not have anything to do wit the chances of you winning on that specific game. Even though a high amount of credit looks attractive it will not increase your chances of winning at all.
  • Don-t go overboard. When you are looking for a slots machine to play find one that will fit with your bankroll. If you only have $30 to play with then do not look for $10 slots game. Sure the payout will be significant if you happen to hit, the less spins you have the less of a chance you have to win.
  • Remember to cash out your credits after you play. Many people get very emotional when they are on a losing streak and dart away from the game without taking out their credits that they have put in.
  • Make sure you know the rules of the game before you sit down. Do not sit down at a slots game if you are not sure about how to win. Learn about the game you decide to play, before you start to play or money.
  • Do not get too emotional when playing slots. If you are getting angry or annoyed you can make irrational decisions when you wager and it can cost you a lot of money.
  • Never try to hedge your bets. If you are on a major cold streak do not make a huge bet to try to win it all back in one spin. It is better to chip away at losses rather than at one time. Hedging bets is the main way in which gamblers can lose a lot of money.

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