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Live Dealers: Yes or No?

Online casinos are evolving all the time and one of the newest innovations to be embraced by the main providers centres around live games. A growing choice of operators are now offering live dealers as part of the overall service but while a virtual croupier is still available, which should you choose?

Keeping it real

The idea behind live dealers via an online operator is to attempt to bring the closest possible experience to live gaming at a bricks and mortar casino. In most cases you can interact with those dealers 24/7 and in real time just as you would if you were playing in Vegas or at any of the famous tables around the world. The equipment is real too so expect to see a Roulette wheel for example, and a playing field as opposed to computer generated graphics.

You can converse with the dealers in question although you must respect that they are all trained industry professionals and their job is to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Other players are likely to be involved thereby bringing an added sense of competition and this is why more and more online gamblers are switching to live dealers to get the best live experience possible.

With the majority of casinos, this service extends to a wide range of table and card games such as Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat but a virtual service is left for those who prefer to stick with the original online version that some of us can remember from prehistoric times – or, as others call them, the 1990’s.

Personal preferences

Many players prefer virtual gaming as opposed to live dealers simply because it cuts out any distractions. They are left alone to concentrate on their game play and strategy without having to interact with a real person and those that remain with the original style of online play claim that it helps them to focus better on what they are actually doing at the table.

Another section of the online gambling fraternity is happy to use both methods depending on their frame of mind. If they’re OK to converse and interact with a live dealer then they can do so but the option to play on virtual games in silence is always there.

The preference could depend on how you approach casino play. For many it’s all about the glamour of the Vegas casinos and the James Bond connotations and you’ll see these people at the real-life tables becoming far more animated and gregarious as they stake their money.

These are the people who are most likely to use the live dealer option at an online casino as it does bring you closer to that type of experience.

For others, it’s all about systems and beating the house. All distractions are put to one side as they focus on the cards – or the wheel – and concentrate on their finances. In that respect, the virtual dealer or croupier is a far better option.

You may already have an opinion on the subject but if you’re not sure then the only way to decide is to try both for yourself. Not every online casino offers this new facility but it’s a popular addition and as such its availability is increasing all the time.

If you want to transport yourself to the glamour casinos of the world then the live option may be a better bet but if it’s all about you versus the house, it’s maybe more advisable to try a touch of virtual reality.

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