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Keno Strategy

Much like other casino games Keno is a game that is pure chance. Because if this there is no proven strategy for the game of Keno. Numbers in the Keno game are drawn at random, so there are no numbers that are drawn that are in relation to any way to numbers that are drawn in the previous game. Even though it does not seem like it when choosing 5 numbers on a Keno ticket there is no greater of a chance of seeing 6,11,34,44, and 54 come up than seeing 1,2,3,4, and 5 coming up. Basically every single number has the exact same chance as being drawn as the next number.

Even though Keno games are different than Blackjack and Poker in that the actions of the player have no bearing on the outcome of the game. There are some strategy techniques that you can follow that some people believe can increase you odds of winning. Even though these tips cannot be termed pure strategy these are tips that are used by many Keno and Craps players.

On the Keno ticket play numbers that you have not seen in a few games. The thinking is that these numbers will eventually come up to make the game even out in the long run. However, you must remember that because of the random nature of the game of Keno prevents this from being a strategic certainty.

Just like betting on numbers that have not come up in several games there are many Keno players that will bet on numbers that have come up often. Even though this strategy goes against the laws of chance, as well as probability, there are trends that happen when numbers are drawn at random. These types of streaks can be profitable if you take advantage of them.

Choosing successive numbers is another strategy that many Keno players follow. If you choose pairs of numbers such as 21 and 22 or 37 and 38 these are types of successive numbers. Even though there is not any statistical advantage to choosing successive numbers, when you look at many Keno games it seems like many games have numbers that have successive numbers. The successive number strategy is one that many experienced Keno players use.

Just because you have lost one game with numbers it does not mean that you cannot use those exact same numbers. You can use the same numbers for several games, as this is a Keno strategy that many players use. One reason to do this is that it is not a good feeling if you have chosen losing numbers and then changed them for the next game only to have your numbers from the last ticket come in.

Chose a Keno game to play that will suit the bankroll you have. If the Keno tickets that are $.50 is more to your budget than $1 tickets it will mean that your winnings will be less but you will be able to play for a longer period of time, which can prolong your enjoyment of the game. It will also give you more opportunities to win since you are playing longer. If you are playing on Keno tickets that have less monetary amounts you have to increase the number of spots. It is a good idea to play in a Keno game that has up to 15 spots on the card with a minimum bet of $1, with a $.50 return if you hit 2 numbers. By choosing the right number of sports with this payout scale you will be able to play Keno for a longer period of time, which will only increase your chances to win, as well as have more fun. Read many interesting information in our Free Bingo Money page.

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