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Tens or Better Review

Tens or Better

The video poker game of Tens or Better is different in one major respect and that is the player plays four hands at a time per spin. There are no wild cards or special wagers that make some of the other new games different than past video poker games. Each hand is dealt from its own 52-card deck and the standard poker hand values are in play as to payoffs and rewards.

The game does have pay tables and the player assist feature to help a player make better holding decisions before the draw. You can play one to five coins per hand and if the wager is the max of five coins, the maximum payout is in play of 4,000 coins. A player can select the value of the coins and change them at any time of their choosing. The number of coins wagered also can be selected before each hand.

If any of the four hands is a winner, the player is offered the chance to double the win or get nothing. This offer can be accepted or turned down by the player. The win is paid if the player does not accept the gamble option.

Since there are no unusual aspects to this game, except the four hands at once, the game is relatively simple to play and does not take as much strategy as a wild card game to play.

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