SupaJax Review


SupaJax adds to the fun of playing Jacks or Better the chance to win an ever-increasing progressive jackpot. This chance of winning the progressive jackpot is an incentive to take a few spins on this very simple video poker game. In order to win the maximum jackpots, the player must bet five coins per hand.

Since the game is a dollar minimum, the need to bet five coins to get the jackpot, makes this game a five-dollar a spin game. It does not make sense to play this game if you are not trying to win the progressive jackpot.

The standard poker rules for valuing hands are in play in this game and will set the payout table based on the difficulty of ending up with the harder hands after the draw.

When the progressive jackpot gets above the break-even point of $53,000 this game becomes a better wager for the player based on the odds of the game per hand and the possible payout versus the wager.

This game is relatively simple and does not take the thinking that some of the multiple wild card games take to play well. Any poker player can play this game and depend on simple luck to win.

The big jackpot hand in this game is four jacks and the wild SupaJax card. the Royal Flush pays well but is not the big winner like it is in other games.

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