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Roulette Royale Review

Roulette Royale

Roulette Royals is the video version of the European Roulette game. A player can make the same bets in this game as could be made on a roulette table. There is an additional side bet that pays off based on the outcome of the spin. The number bets are between zero and thirty-six, just as there are in the casino game of roulette.

Winning at this game depends on hunches, luck and divine guidance rather than playing skill or a math formula. A pure luck game means that any one can play the game and have a chance to win. There are progressive payouts and regular payouts by playing the correct number that the ball falls into at the end of the spinning wheel. The incentive to play this game is found in the progressive payouts and speed at which this game can be played.

For those that like a game of skill, this game will not strike their fancy. This is a game of predicting by feel and hunch the outcome of a spin. There is little skill involved in placing a bet on a number that you hope will be the winner.

On the other hand, the progressive payoffs are reason enough for many players to give this game a few plays while visiting an online casino.

Players who are aficionados of roulette will like this game as the additional chances to win with the progressive bets is icing on the cake. Roulette players with a betting strategy will be able to play this game the same as they would a regular game of roulette.

The progressive jackpots make this game one that a roulette player should give at least a few spins. Every gambler knows that you never know for sure when luck will be with you.

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