Joker Poker Review

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is played with a 53-card deck that includes the wild card joker. The joker can be substituted on any winning line for the missing card. This addition of the wild card makes the lowest possible winning hand Kings or better. As with other video poker games, the player can select the number of coins bet per hand. A five-coin bet must be made to get the maximum payout of 5,000 coins. A player can play fewer coins per hand if they choose to forgo the chance at the big payoff. The value of a coin can be lowered or raised before each hand, so the five-coin money value can be lowered or raised. This allows the player to play rushes and cut back when the cards are not favorable.

Since the coins per game can be lowered or rasied, the Joker Poker game can be played by all customers as this choice opens up the game to those with any size bankroll. As with other video poker games, the player can elect to gamble on a double or nothing bet if they have a winning hand.

One idea for playing this game is to draw only to the wild card if the other cards are not likely to make a winning hand. The idea is maybe the draw will be a better card group to go with the wild card. Since Royal Flushes are what you are after in order to win the big pot, a player should draw to it most of the time. Two natural cards to the Royal and the wild card make a very good draw.

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