Free Casino Money Video Poker Reviews Double Joker Poker Review

Double Joker Poker Review

Double Joker Poker

Double Joker Poker video poker lets the player play four hands at once with each hand dealt from its own 54-card deck. The extra two cards in each deck are two jokers. The jokers are wild and can be substituted for missing cards in any hand they are dealt in. This makes for more winning hands even though the winning hands are scaled down from straight jacks or better. With four hands per spin and two wild cards the chances of being dealt a winning hand are greatly improved. The biggest payout is a natural Royal Flush and it will pay 4,000 coins. A joker assisted Royal Flush pays 500 coins.

With two wild cards in play per hand, the player has more ways to play each hand that they are dealt. If a hand were dealt two jokers and no other valuable cards, the player could discard all but the jokers and hope for a better card group on the draw.

The best payouts are gained by playing five coins per hand and at top value per coin. These can be varied before each play if the player wishes to do so. Since the max payouts are dependent on the number of coins played, the player should consider playing five coins all the time. Change the coin value to raise and lower the bet. Double Joker does lend itself to strategic plays and more options than the simple game of Jacks or Better. This game has enough levels of play that a player will stay entertained during a hour or so session.

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