Free Casino Money Video Poker Reviews Double Double Bonus Poker Review

Double Double Bonus Poker Review

Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker is a better version of Double Bonus Poker. The features that are incorporated in this new video poker version are enhanced and allow the player to look at permutations of what cards to hold before the draw. This feature is instructive as the player can see in numbers the advantages of holding one set of cards versus another. There is also a major change in the payout rewarded for some of the harder hands to get. An example would be the reward for hitting different four of a kind hands. The pay table quickly lets a player discern the advantages of drawing for one hand versus another. The Royal Flush still is the big winner with a payoff of 4,000 coins.

The number of coins bet and the value of the coins can still be set at the pleasure of the player. This allows the player to set the risk of loss and win before each hand. By doing this the player can push a winning session and cut back on a losing session. The similarity to earlier versions of video poker is not easily put aside as there are just too many areas that are just alike. That is not unlikely as the game of poker is still the base of the game.

The important rule that must be played is that in order to max a payout, the player must bet five coins per spin. A smaller number will cut the win substantially.

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