Free Casino Money Video Poker Reviews Double Bonus Video Poker Review

Double Bonus Video Poker Review

Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Bonus has a maximum payout of $20,000. The wagers that can be bet per hand can be as little as $0.25 and as much as $5.00. Double Bonus has an analyzer feature to look at the best draw using mathematical comparisons. Another feature is the autohold, which makes computer suggestions as to which cards to hold for the draw. The payback on this game can be over 100%. There is one more feature that is in this game and that is the budget control that lets the players set limits on bets, losses and wins.

The biggest payout on Double Bonus is the hand of Four Aces and the smallest wining hand is a pair of Jacks. In fact Double Bonus is very similar to Jacks or Better with a bigger payoff for four of a kind. Each of these video poker games that follow Jacks or Better adds features, but cannot change the basic game of poker. Players who love to gamble using video poker are introduced with Jacks or Better and then progress to the newer versions like Double Bonus. Double Bonus is an entertaining vehicle to gamble on. It allows the gambler to see how and whether you can predict the turn of a card. But in the end, there is only the answer that poker is volatile and video poker through a game like Double bonus proves the point. Any choice the gambler makes can turn out well or turn out poorly. The outcome is not guaranteed and the fun of the game is just this fact that the player really is at the mercy of the fickle finger of the poker god.

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