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Deuces and Jokers Review

Deuces and Jokers

Deuces and Jokers allow players to gain playing action by enabling the play of ten hands at once. Each hand is played with its own 53-card deck. This version lets the players choose one to five coins per hand. The maximum payout is 10,000 coins and with the wild cards available to each hand, the chances of catching a bigger payout are very good. The player can control the risk by varying the number of coins per hand. When on a winning streak the player should be betting the max and the opposite when the cards are running poorly.

The experienced player will keep cards that they would normally fold and throw away cards they would normally play. The strategy is very important in this version of video poker. Solid strategic play can result in big payouts, so there is a great deal of thought in the playing of an individual hand.

The normal poker hand value rules the game, but the wild cards will make for bigger hands than you would see in a game without wild cards. Not only are the hands bigger, they also show up more often due to the wild cards.

When you can turn a small wager into a big payout that is a one large return on the wager. This helps to account for players seeming to like this newer version of video poker. The fact that you can also play ten hands at once also accounts for the popularity of this game.

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