Bonus Poker Review

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is a newer version of the perennial favorite Jacks or Better video poker game. The big difference is the larger payout for four of a kind. The maximum coin payout is 4000 coins. A player can choose a coin value between 0.25 and 5.00. Each game the player can wager one to five coins, but the jackpot is won only if the player plays five coins. When a winning hand is dealt, the player can elect to play the gamble feature in hopes of doubling the win. Bonus poker presents vivid graphics and entertaining gaming action.

The autohold feature can be used to help players select better card choices to draw to in the hope of capturing one of the bigger payouts. Other features that can be used by the player are the assist feature and the pay tables, which quickly show the potential payouts for different hands that a player could win with at the end of a hand.

The maximum jackpot when a player plays five coins is 4,000 coins. The dollar value of such a payout will depend on the coin size the player selects. The useful features that a player can intelligently use are moving the coin size and the number played per hand. When the cards are coming in a winning wave, the player can play the max and do the opposite when the losing wave is in play.

Most players who have played Jacks or Better would be of the opinion that this game is just a better version of this old standard video poker game. Most would agree that the added features make this a better game.

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