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All American Video Poker Review

All American Video Poker

One of the new features that All American brings to the video poker scene is the ability to set wins and loss stops for budgeting purposes. Each hand can be played for one to five coins, which can be set for $0.25 to $5.00 per coin. This multiplies out to a major win if the player gets a Royal Flush on a maximum bet of $5.00. Since this hand pays 4,000 coins, this hand would pay a $20,000 payout.

Other features that All American players can use are autoplay, player assist and analysis of different card-holds before the draw. The bet flexibility makes this game one that both high rollers and modest betters can play with equal ease. Also a player can push when luck is with them and cut back when luck is looking out the window and not smiling on the player. After the large 4,000-coin payout, the payout drops to 1,000 coins or less depending on the winning hand.

All American video poker is a single hand single deck poker game and the extras while adding to the players playing enjoyment due little to increase the size of the winning plays. When a player plays one hand at a time, the win possibilities are limited to that one hand. Players looking for more action would be advised to look at the multi-hand video poker games. Players that wish to keep it simple will find this game right up their alley. This game is slightly more advanced than some of the earliest video poker games, but not anywhere as complicated as some of the multi-hand games.

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