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Aces and Eights Review

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights has become one of the more popular video poker games. Online casinos have increased the play on video poker games, with Aces and Eights getting more than its share of play. This Microgaming video poker release has been tested by heavy play and has proven to be a winner with the online players.

Vivid graphics and superb engineering created a video game with the quality standard that Microgaming has come to be known for. Aces and Eights takes a very low level of skill or learning curve. Any poker player would quickly grasp the ins and outs of this game. As with any game of poker the chances of a winning hand are volatile. A run of losses and wins are not unusual in this video game and is similar to what is seen at a live poker game.

A player can wager one to five coins per spin in each game of Aces and Eights. The maximum payout is 4000 coins. Four of a kind in Eights or Aces pays more than other four of a kind. If a player has played Jacks or Better they will see that Aces and Eights is very similar.

Standard poker hands are valued the same with the higher odds hands rewarding a better payout. One secret to winning bigger payouts is to play for the bigger payout hands when they are up for play. i.e. play two eights in hopes of getting four. Another idea is increase coins when in winning runs and decrease when in losing runs. Poker players will like this game.

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