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Vegas Strip Blackjack Review

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Shuffled before each hand that is played, players who take part in the Vegas Strip Blackjack Game can calculate the odds of their winning based on the odds or receiving their intended point value out of the four decks of cards used in the game. In total, two hundred and eight cards are used in order to play the game. Players are able to take part in playing up to five hands at a time. The bets for the game can range from a low of one dollar and a high of two hundred dollars; the wager can be placed for each hand. This version is especially appealing for players who are interested in high action games and who want to play multiple hands. Vegas Strip Blackjack employs the same rules and regulations found in the traditional Blackjack game. Players in this game are striving to achieve twenty-one points without going over that intended score. This can take place when the players couple an Ace with a card that has a value of ten. Strategies that many players employ in this game include waiting for the Dealer to bust, or go over twenty-one points, when the Dealer is forced to accept a hit.

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