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Vegas Single Deck Review

Vegas Single Deck

With the normal rules and regulations of Blackjack games in play, the Vegas Single Deck game utilizes a single deck of cards. This means that players are going to be working with a total of fifty-two cards. This is important for players to keep in mind when calculating their odds and probabilities. With a low bet of a single dollar and a high bet of two hundred dollars, gamblers of all inclinations can enjoy the game. An automatic Blackjack score is created when the individual obtains a total score of twenty-one points with their two initially dealt cards. This is achieved when an Ace card is coupled with any card that has a point value of ten. Traditional ten cards and all of the face cards, including Jacks, Queens and Kings, result in a score of twenty-one points when they are paired with the Ace card. This hand cannot be beat, but it can be matched. A strategy employed by many is to not hit when the Dealer looks like they have a breaking hand. Players can win easily when the Dealer busts, or scores over twenty-one points. When the Dealer looks like they may hit twenty-one points, and when the Dealer also has at least seventeen points, the Player can purchase insurance and surrender.

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