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Vegas Downtown Blackjack Review

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Only one hand can be played at a time when it comes to the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Game. There are two decks shuffled prior to the dealt hands. The deck is reshuffled after each hand and prior to each hand that is dealt to the participants. This means that players are dealing with a total of one hundred and four cards when they play. All odds and probabilities are based on the likelihood of certain outcomes based on the one hundred and four card deck that is used for play. In this version of Blackjack, all of the traditional rules and regulations are in effect. Automatic blackjack hands can be obtained when individuals are able to couple an Ace with any card that has a value of ten. Cards with a value of ten are not just limited to the traditional ten cards, but also to any of the face cards, each of which have a value of ten points. With an Ace, the face or ten card will carry a total value of twenty-one - the magic score for Blackjack!

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