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Spanish Blackjack Review

Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is a little different from the traditional version that many people are used to playing. At the onset of the game, players will note that there are eight decks of cards combined for play. When play occurs, this means that the total number of cards used in the game is four hundred and sixteen. All of the tens in the deck have been removed, which adds to the challenge of the game. For many people, the game is as interesting and exciting as the traditional version of Blackjack, but there is also an added element of challenge and luck. This helps to add to its appeal.

As with the other versions of Blackjack, the standard rules of play and operation are in effect. Only one hand can be played at a time when it comes to the Spanish Blackjack game. Blackjack is obtained when players achieve a score of twenty-one points. This is made up of the Ace and any card with a value of ten. Despite the fact that all of the traditional ten cards have been removed, all of the face cards still have a value of ten and can, when coupled with the Ace, lead to a Blackjack and, subsequently, a win!

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