Free Casino Money Table Games Reviews Multihand 3 Card Poker Review

Multihand 3 Card Poker Review

Multihand 3 Card Poker

Like to play three card poker but looking for a little bit more action and excitement? Multi Hand 3 Card Poker might be just the game that you are looking for! Players can play up to five hands at a time. The rules of this game are similar to the rules that have been put into place during traditional poker games, but the multiple hands allow players a greater chance at success and high hands. Players can receive one of the biggest payouts in this game if they are able to capture the Pairs Plus bet.

Multi Hand 3 Card Poker has three different bets in the game. There are 3 Card Poker, Pairs Plus and Wager and Play. For the players to take part in all three of the wagers and for all three of them to be put into play in the game, the Dealer's hand needs to have at least a Queen. The Dealer may also have a higher card. If the Player does not have a Pair, they will not win the Pairs Plus bet and they will lose their wager for that bet. After the cards are dealt, the player can decide whether they would like to take part in the hand or if it would be better for them to fold their hand. The third wager is put into play when the player raises the wager. That third wager will be won or lost, all depending on the hand that the Dealer is holding.

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