Free Casino Money Table Games Reviews Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack Review

Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack Review

Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack

The Dealer's deck for the Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack game is comprised of four separate decks, each of which contains fifty-two cards. This means that when the decks are combined and shuffled, the players are working with a deck of two hundred and eight cards. The deck is shuffled prior to each hand that is going to be played.

Players are able to, in this version, play up to five different hands at a time. This is similar to the many other multi hand games that are offered and they allow players to choose how many hands they want to play in each round. The range extends from one hand as the low up to five hands as the high number of hands that can be played. Personal preference dictates how many hands the individual would be interested in playing for each round.

Wagers range from one dollar to two hundred dollars each round. For players who are interested in high action, as well as potentially high payouts, Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack is a great game to play. The standard Blackjack rules are in full force and effect when it comes to this particular version of Blackjack. The main difference between the other versions and this version of Blackjack is that the player is only able to observe the first hand and play it before they play any other hand that is in order. Players are reminded that winning by causing the Dealer to bust, or obtain a score over twenty-one points, is a great strategy. Players should not hit when the dealer shows a bust hand, otherwise they run the risk of busting as well and not winning the hand. Blackjack is achieved by scoring twenty-one points, an Ace and any ten point card.

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