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Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack

Many players appreciate the fast paced and increased nature of the Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game because the players are allowed to play up to five hands at a time. Prior to the dealing of each hand, the deck is shuffled. The deck is made up of eight decks of cards. Each deck is comprised of fifty-two cards. The object of the game pits the Player against the Bank, as the player attempts to stay at or under a total score of twenty-one points. This is the standard rule of play when it comes to Blackjack. Players are also able to win the wagers when the Dealer goes bust. By going bust, the dealer attains a score over the Blackjack score of twenty-one points.

Blackjack is achieved by obtaining a score of twenty-one points. To win an automatic Blackjack, players need to get a score of twenty-one with the two initial cards that they are dealt. This is achieved when the player gets an Ace and any card that has a value of ten. Tens and face cards have a value of ten. Matched with an Ace, they result in the Blackjack score of twenty-one. While this score and hand cannot be beaten, it can be matched by the house of any of the other players taking part in the hand.

Players can win a great deal of money over time. The odds can be stacked in the player's favor if they pace themselves and get the Bank to go broke and bust as often as possible. A relatively new game for many of the available online casinos, Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack has betting limits between one dollar and two hundred dollars.

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