Keno Review


Keno is a fun game of anticipation. Numbers are drawn out of a possible eighty numbers. Players are able to pick up to fifteen different numbers out of the eighty available. The number of digits chosen in the game will affect the payout that the individual receives after all of the numbers are called. The player's probabilities and possibilities are drawn from the twenty numbers called during the Keno play action.

With a very generous payout schedule, most players can have higher fiscal rewards when they choose between five and eight numbers. Games of Keno which are played online go very quickly, which adds to the excitement many players feel. Each hour of play can actually have a very high number of plays. Most players benefit from first setting a betting limit for themselves prior to starting play in this particular series. Many people enjoy placing a traditional bet known as the four corner bet. People who choose this move place bets on the four numbers that appear in the four separate corners of the screen.

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