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High Limit Baccarat Review

High Limit Baccarat

With increased betting limits, High Limit Baccarat is very similar to the regular version of the game with the exception of the higher bets and potentially higher payout. There are three betting options for players to take part in during the game. First, they can bet on the Bank or the House winning, represented by the dealer. Next, they can place the bet on the Player winning. Lastly, they can bet that there would be a tie between the two.

Betting on the Bank results in an even money payout, minus a five percent commission kept by the Bank. When a Player wins, the Player Win bet pays out even money. A winning player bet pays eight to one.

Players are trying to get as close to the number nine as possible. Whichever side gets a score closest to nine is the one that wins the wager. The two card sum is added up and it is potentially also added to a third card, if it is dealt. The face values of the cards are added up, but only the last digit of the card is considered. If both hands have the same overall value, it is considered to be a tie. When this happens, the tie pay is paid out to the players. In this case, a Bank or Player bet would be pushed.

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