Free Casino Money Table Games Reviews Gold Series Volume 2 Review

Gold Series Volume 2 Review

Gold Series Volume 2

Stellar graphics cannot be denied in this enticing card game that is available. Comprised of four of the most popular Blackjack games today, the Gold Series Volume 2 game makes it easy for players to fall into a realistic and exciting environment from the comfort of their very home or other favored betting surroundings. The four different games included in this set are Classic Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack and the alluring Big 5 Blackjack. Not only offering different styles of Blackjack, players can also enjoy a range of different wagers, with bets that anyone can find comfort in throughout the game.

With standard Blackjack play, participants can easily call up the games. Online players especially will appreciate the versions because the selected options are those that had the most online participation and degrees of favoritism. Winning a hand in the Gold Series Volume 2 game is the same as in the other versions.

The dealer going bust would result in the automatic win of the player, as would the player's initial hand of Blackjack. Blackjack is defined by having a score of twenty-one points. This can be accomplished by the player receiving an Ace card, which represents eleven points in this case, as well as a card that has a value of ten. Face cards, as well as traditional ten cards, have a value of ten. Added to the Ace cards that represent eleven points, players would amass the lucky score of twenty-one - Blackjack!

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