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French Roulette Review

French Roulette

Very similar to European versions of Roulette, the French Roulette game that is offered has a comparable table and wheel setup. The biggest difference between the tables is that the betting words on the table are actually written in French. All of the odds for the game are the same as in the European version of Roulette; there is the added elegance and exoticism of the table with the addition of the French writing that is present.

Each of the bets placed will payout the same amounts as set out and defined in the European version of Roulette. Cutting the edge that the House possesses can be accomplished by many when they decide to use the available combination bets. Some people are able to cut the House edge drastically on a single successful wager.

The payout ratios are as follows: Thirty-five to one is the payout for single number hits, while the payout for a split bet between two separate numbers is seventeen to one. Street pets have a ratio of eleven to one and square bets result in eight to one ratio payouts. Line bets earn players five to one, while both column and dozen bets pay a ratio of two to one. Red and black, even money bets, have a negligible payout of one to one.

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