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European Roulette Review

European Roulette

The standard wheel in the European Roulette game has a set arrangement and selection of numbers, each of which corresponds with either a red or black coloration. Unlike the American version of Roulette which features a zero slot and a double zero slot, the European Roulette wheel only has a single zero slot. There is no double zero slot on this wheel.

When play begins, individuals are able to place bets on different plays or combinations of winnings. At the end of play, the payout varies depending on the combination or type of win that is achieved by the player. The House's edge on the game can be cut very quickly and easily. Sometimes, the edge is cut substantially in a single play or bet.

The following odds list their corresponding payouts for the players who are able to win the bets. Placing a bet on a single number that hits will earn the individual back a thirty-five to one ratio. Split bets, or those separated to two numbers will win at a ratio of seventeen to one. Street bets pay eleven to one while square bets payout at an eight to one ratio and line bets pay five to one ratios. Column bets and/or dozen bets have a payout of two to one and color bets have a one to one payout ratio.

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