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Cyberstud Poker Review

Cyberstud Poker

Especially for players who understand the rules and strategies of five-card poker, Cyberstud poker is a fun and exciting game that is not so challenging as to deter players. To begin the hand, both the player and the dealer, who represents the house, is dealt a total of five cards. One card out of the dealer's hand is dealt face up. The player can decide whether or not he or she wants to raise the bet or fold his hand based on the value of the card that is face up on the table.

For many people, it can help to imagine the game as a one on one stud game. When it comes to the payout for each wager, the player's hand will depend on his or her poker hand and the general poker value. When included in the five-card hand, Aces are considered to be very high and beneficial to the person who receives the Ace(s). Some players choose to wager high amounts when they have an Ace in the hopes that the dealer will have a lower card.

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