Craps Review


When played by a counter in a casino, Craps games have the lowest edge for the house out of any of the other available card games, except the game of Blackjack, which helps to ensure that the game is popular and enjoyable for many. There are times when throwing a seven can help the player and times where it can hurt the player. The object is to understand when the roll would help and hurt, and to succeed at the best option.

At the dice table, there are a number of different bets that can be placed by the roller and other players. There are six available bets to place, some of which are considered more safe bets and others of which are referred to as sucker bets, or those less likely to result in a financial gain for the better. Big Six and Big Eight Bets are generally not bets that most players would want to make. Solid bets in the dice game are considered to include come line and the pass line, as well as the do not (don't) pass or do not (don't) come bets.

Do not (don't) bet gambles are more likely when the player seems to be consistently crapping out. When the table is clearly favorable to the players, it might be one of the only productive times for the players to take advantage of the do not (don't) bets. Payoffs depend on how many different variations in the dice there are in order to achieve a total, specific number. In general, there are a total of thirty six different variations to consider throughout the game. Most people would benefit from waiting to wager high amounts of money until they have a handle on the game.

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