Casino War Review

Casino War

Have you ever played the card game of War with friends or family? If so, you know that it is a fairly simple game. The Casino War card game is one of the easiest to play at the casino, making is a fan favorite for many people. The rules are straightforward and players can benefit from the lack of complexities for the game in general.

Six decks of cards are shuffled together and dealt, beginning the card game. The game is won by the player when they can either tie the card that the house gets, or beat it outright. Each person or representative is given one card, and the object is to have the higher valued card. Players are able to make wagers or bets before the cards are handed out. They can also make wagers based on a tied hand. A bet can be placed before the tied hand is played. One more card is put out, and the higher card wins that hand.

When it comes to the payout, tied hands earn the individual ten chips for every single chip that they put in. When an individual has a straight high hand, they are going to be able to claim an even higher prize with their placed bet. As a game believed to have a great deal of stock in probability and luck, many people perform well using the strategy from cutting out when there is a string of bad luck or lower cards.

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