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Bonus Blackjack Review

Bonus Blackjack

Two decks, each made up of fifty-two cards, are combined in order to make up the extended deck for a game of Bonus Blackjack. First the cards are shuffled and then the hands are dealt to the house and the players taking part in the game. In addition to the regular bet that can be placed during a game of Bonus Blackjack, players can also decide whether or not they want to take part in the bonus bet. During this version of Blackjack, players can only take part in one hand of the game at a time.

As with other versions of Blackjack, the premise of the Bonus Blackjack game is to either beat the dealer, who represents the house, or to get the dealer of the game to go bust. The House and Dealer can be beat when the player gets the score closest to, but not over, twenty-one. Getting a hand of twenty-one points is called getting Blackjack. This hand is automatically the winner of the hand, unless another player's or the house's cards tie for twenty-one points.

Twenty-one points can be accumulated automatically if the player is able to get an ace and any other card from the deck that represents a value of ten. Many people enjoy playing this game because there is a substantial chance for the player to benefit. The standard rule of play is that if the player and the house both have a breakable hand, the player should not take a hit since the house may bust, or go over twenty-one. This would result in a win for the player.

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