Baccarat Review


When it comes to the game of Baccarat, there are only three possible bets to place for a hand. First, the player can bet to win the bank. Next, the player has the option of trying to win the hand. Lastly, there is the bet that the hands will tie. Nine is the magic number for the game and when a natural eight card or a nine card is dealt, to either one of the hands in the game, play for the game stops. The hand receives the eight card or nine card is declared the winner and they are paid for their hand. The house has a very low edge in the game of Baccarat and this helps to make it a popular game for players.

If there is a tie during the game, the tie bet is paid out but the other two bets are pushed. If the player placed a tie bet, the player would be able to win with an eight to one ratio. When a winning bank hand is dealt, a five percent commission of the bet amount is paid out to the bank, or the house, while the ratio paid out is two to one. When a player receives a winning hand, the payout is two to one and no commission is paid.

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