Free Casino Money Table Games Reviews Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Atlantic City Blackjack

Players who enjoy traditional Blackjack games understand that there is a limit of one playing one hand of Blackjack at a time. The standard rules of Blackjack apply to this Atlantic City version and, prior to the hand being dealt, eight decks of cards are shuffled together and dealt to the players and the house. There are fifty-two cards in each of the right decks, making a total of four hundred and sixteen playable and used cards.

The objective of the game on the part of the player is to beat the hand dealt to the house, but to stay under the cutoff limit of twenty-one. Going over twenty-one points will result in a bust. Players can also win if the dealer goes over that twenty-one point limit or busts. While many people may wonder about the odds of coming out a winner when it comes to Atlantic City Blackjack, many people can succeed at the game by simply riding out the house and forcing them to bust without the player going broke. An automatic Blackjack hand, or one that would equal exactly twenty-one points, would be a combination of an Ace, which can count as eleven points, and any card that has a value of ten, which includes the ten cards and the face cards.

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