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American Roulette Review

American Roulette

American Roulette, unlike European Roulette, has an extra number on the table and on the Roulette wheel, a double zero, illustrated one the table and on the wheel as "00". While in the beginning this raises the edge that the house has over the players to a slight degree, over time it is able to profoundly affect the amount of money that the house is able to win in bets placed by all of the players. The play of the game is, in general, rather simplistic and uncomplicated. Players wager an amount on a specific number or a color. After the bets are placed, a small white ball is spun in the wheel and eventually the ball will land in a slot, with a designated number and color corresponding to that which is on the board. Players that bet money on the color or number that came up on the wheel win.

Payouts are as follows: landing on the exact number will win the player thirty-five times what they placed down as their initial bet. Split bets, those that cover two adjacent numbers, payout seventeen times the initial bet. Street bets payout eleven to one while a square bet placed by the player will earn them eight times what they bet. Payout for placing a six line bet is five times the initial bet, while column and dozen bets pay two times the initial bet. Color payouts have a ratio of one to one. As examples, a player who wins a one chip bet on the number seventeen will win back not only the chip they bet, but thirty-five additional chips as well.

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