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3 Card Poker Review

3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a fun card game that is based on a single dealt hand. If players are pleased with their hand, they can bet more and more money. This works to increase the wager. After the initial dealing of the cards, there is one more step in the game. This means that in the game, there is a total of two steps.

The player is in charge of whether or not they would like to continue with the second step of raising the bet for their hand. Their other option is to fold if they do not like the hand that they have been dealt. In the 3 card poker game, there are two bets that coincide with the two steps. First there is the ante bet and the second wager is the pair plus. 'Pair plus' means that the individual pays the bet for their pair of cards, and players can choose whether or not to continue betting. The dealer in the game is dealt three cards. One of the requirements for the dealer is that one of his or her three cards is a Queen or better. In order to find out if the player has a hand that will beat that of the dealer, the individual needs to bet. If the required raise is not met, then the player automatically folds and can no longer take part in the hand.

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