Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Zany Zebra Review

Zany Zebra Review

Zany Zebra

Zany Zebra slots provides slot fans with a multiline, three reel slot game and five paylines. There are a total of eleven winning combinations that can speed a player toward victory. That's not including the wild symbol option. Altogether, a player can work toward a Zany Zebra Jackpot of up to 6,000 coins. This will be made much easier if they choose to enable all paylines offered in the game. This will easily maximize their opportunities to win since payouts are only made on winning combinations that appear on active playlines.

The wild feature is one of the best maximizers in the game. A wild symbol can effectively be used as a substitute for any other symbol in the game in order to provide the player with a winning combination on the playline. In this case, the wild symbol is the zebra.

As with many slot games, the paylines payout according to an ascending pay schedule. To be eligible for the highest jackpot, all five paylines need to be enabled. The first payline awards 1,000 coins, the second offers 2,000, the third awards 3,000, the fourth gives the player 4,000 coins, and the fifth line gives up the grand prize of the game at the whole 6,000 coins.

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