Free Casino Money Slots Reviews The Gee Gees AWP Slot Review

The Gee Gees AWP Slot Review

The Gee Gees AWP Slot

Gee Gees AWP slots is a three reel slot game offering a single payline. The game is themed for English pub fruit machines from the 70s.

The graphics are well presented and entertaining, and the game can be quite challenging. The reward of $20,000+ sweetens the deal for the player. The game makes use of multipliers, which are useful in dramatically increasing payouts.

Gee Gees AWP slots offer hold and nudge features on a classic lapper board. This feature requires the player to play skillfully. The reels reveal numerical overlays, which move the player's position along a trail in seven positions. The hold feature is very useful, allowing the player to hold a position and transfer it to the next game. The symbol of the famous 70s disco balls bring large payouts in Gee Gees AWP slots. This is because their appearance prompts a multiplier effect of 2000x if the maximum bet of $10 was placed prior to the start of the game. Melon symbols invoke a 250x multiplier, and red sevens get a 50x multiplier.

The game's lapper board also has ten unique features that have players work their way around the lapperboard seeking a Cashpot or two stacks to obtain nudges and other functions. Titles like "Money, Money, Money," or "You Win Again," can increase the value of the player's winnings.

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