Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Spell Bound Review

Spell Bound Review

Spell Bound

Spellbound, offered by the Online Casino, hands out an amazing $30,000 in cash and prizes for jackpot winners. The three reel, three payline video slot game allows a maximum bet of three coins. Players are encouraged to place the maximum bet and thus enable all paylines since payouts are only applicable to active paylines. Further, if the maximum coin value is used as well, this increases the player's chances of getting the top jackpot.

Spellbound's graphics are vivid and intense following a dramatic Celtic theme, guided by a heavily-decorated red-headed female. The appearance of three enchantress symbols, which serve as the wild symbol, wins the player 6,000 coins in a heartbeat. A wild symbol can be used as a substitute for any of the other symbols to complete winning combinations. The enchantress' familiar-the owl symbol-is said to have some tricks up its wing as well, and is definitely one to be watched.

Players can make low bets of $0.01 or high bets of $5 according to their budget and preferences. The game itself is simple and well laid out. The graphics and visual effects do quite a bit to add some spellbinding appeal to the Spellbound video slot game.

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