SWAT Team Review


S.W.A.T Team is a video slot game with a top jackpot of 1,600 coins. As with all slot games, the value of the jackpot is dependent on the coin value of the bet placed at the beginning of the play. SWAT Team uses a two coin slot machine with three reels and one payline. By using the maximum bet of two coins and selecting the maximum coin value of $50, players stand a greater chance of winning the top jackpot.

The SWAT Team game also features a wild symbol in the form of the SWAT Team logo. A wild symbol can be used as a replacement for any symbol in the game in order to form winning combinations. The wild also behaves as a multiplier, multiplying the payout amounts according to the number of symbols that appear on the payline. When one symbol appears, the payout is doubled. The appearance of two symbols leads to the original payout being quadrupled.

The theme follows the American movie SWAT Team and this is reflected in the symbols. The symbols also contain icons that are reminiscent of fly swatting. Some of these include flies armed with laser guns, elite flies, a fly swat, and BARS in the form of bullets.

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