Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Rock the Boat Review

Rock the Boat Review

Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat is a simple two coin video slot game for low-risk adventure. The game has three reels and one payline, and the high jackpot on offer is 1,600 coins. As a simple, easy to use game, it makes a great start for beginners, getting them acquainted to the principle of a wild symbol and its impact on winnings.

All paylines should be enabled to maximize earning potential since payouts can only be made on active paylines.

In this game of Rock the Boat, players are offered a wild symbol to replace any other symbol used in the game with the intention of improving the possibility of creating winning combinations. The wild also acts as a multiplier, doubling or quadrupling the original payout amount depending on the number of wild symbols that appear. This all important symbol appears in this game as the Elvis symbol. The appearance of one Elvis symbol doubles the original winnings, while two Elvis symbols multiply winnings by four. For the grand prize, the appearance of three Elvis symbols awards the player 1,600 coins. The value of this jackpot prize will depend completely upon the coin value used at the time of placing the bet.

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