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Reels Royce Review

Reels Royce

Reels Royce is a video slot game offering three reels, three paylines, and the common maximum bet of three coins. The jackpot for this game comes to a total of 4,000 coins. This can be achieved by enabling all three paylines, which in turn, is done by playing one coin per payline. Since payouts are only made on enabled paylines, enabling all paylines dramatically increases a player's winning odds.

Reels Royce takes on a clean and simple no-frills focus. Sound effects are simple casino sounds as well. Winning combinations elicit the sound of coins pouring into a tray. There are no wild symbols or scatter symbols in use. Its straightforward style make it an easy game for beginners that are overwhelmed by the more complex options available in other slot games. There are as many as nine possible winning combinations that can be achieved.

The symbols used in Reels Royce's classic slot game are traditional. These include the single, double, and triple bars as well as various types of sevens. Despite its standard design, the game brings value by the high value of its jackpot, which can reach as much as $80,000. This can be won by placing the maximum bet of $20 and enabling all paylines.

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