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Reel Thunder Review

Reel Thunder

The Reel Thunder video slot game features five reels and nine paylines. The maximum bet that can be placed is nine coins and the placement of nine coins in the machine enables all paylines. This drastically increases the number of opportunities to win, especially since payouts are only made on enabled paylines. It would be a huge shame to waste a jackpot on an inactive payline.

Reel Thunder employs a wild symbol in the form of a wild heart. This symbol can be used in place of any and all other symbols in the game to form a winning combination. The exception to this would be the scatter symbol. The appearance of the scatter symbol gives the player a payout on the payline in which it appears. Only the highest combinations receive a payout. If this combination happens to fall on an inactive payline, no payouts will be awarded. Hence, it is a good strategy to keep all paylines open and active. Only with scatter wins can a player get paid for paylines are not active simply due to the presence of a scatter symbol.

The high jackpot in the game amounts to 10,000 coins. The value of the jackpot will depend on the coin value of the bet that was placed.

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