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Mardi Gras Review

Margi Gras

The Online Casino is celebrating the Mardi Gras-not on the streets, but in cyberspace. Mardi Gras video slots offers three reels, a single payline, and a three coin slot machine (limiting bets to three coins). The minimum bet that can be placed amounts to $0.25. The Mardi Gras slots jackpot amounts to a total of 4,000 coins, which has a value of $20,000. To win the jackpot, the player needs to get a sequence of three multicolored sevens on a single payline. A sequence of three for a different type of seven would award the player $5,000 in winnings. Jackpot payouts are only made when the maximum bet of three coins was used during that play. The value of the winnings depends on the value of the coins that the player uses during betting.

Mardi Gras also has a Buy-A-Pay feature, allowing players to add more coins to the game, and thus, increase their odds of winning. Mardi Gras is themed for the Mardi Gras carnival masks, emphasized by the brightly colored, detailed graphics. The Mardi Gras video slot game offers smooth, flawless game play, so you don't miss out on the energy and buzz of live casino action.

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