Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Lucky Stars Video Slot Review

Lucky Stars Video Slot Review

Lucky Stars

The Lucky Stars video slot game offered by the River Belle Casino gives players a chance to bank on their lucky stars as they play for the $150,000+ jackpot. The game has five reels and 20 paylines, increasing both the odds for winning as well as the potential jackpot amount.

Lucky Stars features wild symbols, scatter symbols, multiplier features, bonus rounds, and special free spins, all of which add up to winnings of as much as $50,000 for a basic game; $150,000 potential winnings with free spins included; as well as an additional 10,000 in winnings resulting from the innovative bonus constellation feature.

The minimum bet that can be placed in Lucky Stars is $0.01 or $0.25 for any payline, making it easy on the pocket for those on a smaller bankroll. The graphics focus on the space theme, showcasing the Zodiac signs, stars, and skyscapes. The crystal ball is the wild symbol, which can be used in place of any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination. In Lucky Star, the wild doubles as a multiplier, which doubles the value of the original payouts.

A sequence of three Zodiac wheel symbols gives the player seven free spins, which triple the player's winnings. The Zodiac wheel also works as a scatter feature in Lucky Stars, triggering a fascinating bonus round. For the bonus, players select a star sign from the Zodiac. If the sign spins up on the Zodiac wheel, the player gets to select a journey into space and then select five out of twelve constellations to uncover hidden prizes and cash or gain 15 free spins. If the player's initial constellation selection doesn't spin up on the Zodiac wheel, the player gets a 10x triggering consolation reward.

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