Legacy Review


Legacy is a new addition to Online Casino. This classic slot game is simple and straightforward in its methods of play. It offers three reels, five paylines, and the potential to win large sums of cash. Released in September 2008 by Microgaming, the symbols combine Legacy symbols with traditional slot symbols.

Players have good winning odds with the availability of six winning combinations. A wager can be valued between $1 and $25. By placing the maximum bet, high jackpot winners can cash in on a prize of $60,000, and that doesn't take the multiplier effect into consideration. The wild symbol in Legacy is, of course, a Legacy icon. Wild symbols can be used to replace any symbol in the game to form a winning combination. Since it is also a multiplier, the wild symbol can double or quadruple the payout. When a single icon appear, the original payout amount is doubled, but when two icons appear, the payout is multiplied by four.

Game play is fast and intuitive. The strategy to apply at Legacy slots is that larger wagers inevitably evince larger payouts. Adding the multiplier to the effect makes the winnings reach terrific amounts. First time players will be very comfortable with the ease of play and the ability to win big.

1500 free, no deposit required
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