Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Jurassic Jackpot Review

Jurassic Jackpot Review

Jurassic Jackpot

Jurassic Jackpot is a slot game offering three reels and a single payline. Players have the opportunity to win through one of nine winning combinations in addition to the game's wild feature that also works as a multiplier. The total jackpot that can be won amounts to 1,600 coins. The maximum bet that a player can place in Jurassic Jackpot amounts to two coins. The wager amount could be as low as $0.25, according to the player's preferences and bankroll.

Based on the movie "Jurassic Park," the Jurassic Jackpot game focuses largely on dinosaur imagery, using a combination of prehistoric symbols and traditional classic symbols throughout the game. Symbols include single, double, and triple bars; cherries; a Jurassic Jackpot symbol; a Jurassic skull symbol; a flower; and the Jurassic Dinosaur, which also works as the wild in the game. In this game, the wild physically roars at the player to add to the drama and excitement of the game. Wilds can be used in replacement of other symbols to create a winning combination. Due to the multiplier effect, wilds can double or quadruple winnings depending on where they appear on the payline. If a player receives a single wild that produces a winning combination, the winnings are doubled. If two wilds appear, the payout is multiplied by four.

Two different types of Jurassic Jackpot are available for gaming: a standard and a big reel version that is offered at various Flash Casinos. Both games have the same payouts, though.

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