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Jewel Thief Review

Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief slot game, created by Microgaming, is a multi-line game offering players three reels and three paylines. The multiple playlines and the availability of nine winning combinations plus a wild feature gives the player many chances to win and win big. The top jackpot amounts to 6,000 coins. Players can bet a maximum of three coins or place the minimum bet of $0.25, according to their budget.

The symbols used in the Jewel Thief game are a mixture of classic slot symbols and those that focus on the jewel thief theme. These symbols include single, double, and triple bars as well as a thief and a safe. In this game, the jewel thief symbol is the wild. As with other slot machines, the wild can be used in replacement of any other symbol to form a winning combination.

Payouts are only made on active paylines. Inactive paylines do not receive any winnings. The appearance of three wild jewel thief symbols wins the jackpot for the player; however, this only applies if all the paylines are enabled. The other symbols in the game can produce a win. The winning amount is not affected by the position of the combination on the payline so long as the payline is active.

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