Jet Set Review

Jet Set

Jet Set follows the tried and true path of the classic slot game, offering three reels and a single payline. Players can try their luck on winning with any of nine different winning combinations in addition to the wild feature. The top jackpot totals 1,600 coins, and the value is equivalent to $8,000. The minimum bet that can be placed is $0.25 and the maximum that can be played is two coins. In this game, the wild feature also acts as a multiplier.

Jet Set targets players with a limited bankroll and is simple and easy to use. The typical symbols in use are single, double, and triple bars, sevens, and red cherries. In addition, the game also uses a Jet Set icon as the wild/multiplier. As with most games, the wild symbol can be used as a replacement for any other symbol in the game in order to form a winning combination. The appearance of a single Jet Set icon doubles payouts, while the appearance of two of these icons quadruples payouts. When three Jet Set icons appear, the player is given the top prize. This jackpot, however, is not multiplied. A combination of three sevens awards the player the second top prize of 200 coins. More coins would be added to this if wilds appear in this combination.

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