Free Casino Money Slots Reviews Jellyfish Jaunt Video Slot Review

Jellyfish Jaunt Video Slot Review

Jellyfish Jaunt Video Slot

Jellyfish Jaunt is a 25-payline; five reel Video slot game that has a maximum payout of $135,000. The betting level per line starts at a penny and can go up to$125.00 per spin. The theme of Jellyfish Jaunt is to find sunken treasure in the depths of the ocean. Along the way in the search the slot player is shown marvelous graphics about what can be seen in the deepest part of the ocean.

This game is filled with all manner of sea creatures and fish. The graphics are vivid and full of gorgeous colors. Great graphics is always an enhancement in any slot game and this one has the ocean graphics covered in great detail. The scatters in this game are deep diving submarines that set up the rewards and payoffs to the slot player. One feature that many players find to their advantage is the number of ways you can win free spins, which extends the bankroll of the slot player. The Wild diver replaces missing images on lines and helps to make a line a winner and triples the payout for the line win. As a player can easily see this diver is a valuable image to find on a line that becomes a winner.

Rules number one on these high payout slots, always play the maximum so if you win and hit the jackpot you get the big jackpot. Playing it safe is not the way to risk money on these slots. Play a gentler and better paying game if you want to play it safe. Not playing the maximum bet per line and all of the lines defeats the reason to play these slots in the first place.

With this slot you can enjoy the beauty of the deep as imagined by the artists that came up with the graphics for this deep ocean themed slot. Whether the deep really looks as depicted on the screen when playing this slot game of Jellyfish Jaunt, really is of no concern as it is only designed for the player's enjoyment and not to give a real image of the deep. Many slots take advantage of the player's willingness to suspend disbelief and use this willingness to make the slot game popular due to its graphics and payouts.

All slot games use the images the players sees to make the theme of the slot game come alive and that is obviously true in Jellyfish Jaunt. This game is all about two things as far as the player is concerned. The first element is it is a big jackpot game that also pays out lesser prizes to those that just miss the top prize. Lesser prizes keep people playing and interested in the slot game. The money won along the way keeps the player in money and gives them the chance to score. The graphics help the player enjoy the game and has eye appeal. As the slot builders well know this is important and it shows in this game.

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