High Five Review

High Five

The High 5 slots game offers three reels, a single payline, a multiplier feature, and a wild feature. The highest jackpot in High 5 comes to a total of 15,000 coins. The three-coin machine provides the potential to win with any of the eleven winning combinations in addition to the wild feature. Players can play four, six, or nine games at a single time. The game can be started with a single coin, and three coins is the maximum bet that can be placed at one time by player.

High 5 makes use of the classic symbols consisting of single, double, and triple bars; sevens; and cherries. The wild symbol, which is the High 5 symbol, also serves as a multiplier. The wild can be substituted for any other symbol in the game other than the cherry symbol (unless a cherry appears on an enabled payline). It also multiplies winnings by various amounts according to the winning combination. Some combinations can be multiplied to 25 times the original payout. One High 5 symbol multiplies the payout by 5. Two High 5 symbols multiply the original payout by 25 times. Only the highest winning combinations receive payouts. If the game malfunctions or shuts down at any time mid-play, the plays all become null and void.

1500 free, no deposit required
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